Vip’s Thought of the Day

Act Together Creative Hub Laboratory – July 2017

Vip is our resident Audience Impact Researcher from the University of Coventry joining us for the Creative Hub Laboratories. Here are her thoughts of the day –

As the words brainstormed their way into the four quadrants of how we act together, images, scenes, and sequences triggered by the words- the very first protest my parents took me to when I was 11, the online cat community connected through sharing photos of their cats, clicking ‘follow’ on Twitter various online groups, mentally going through my wardrobe to see what it said about my sense of social belonging… and the list goes on. What I did find myself thinking a lot about was how we maintain our existence as individual human beings and yet each aspect of our identity, how we feel, our life histories, experiences that we think only we’ve had when actually we share them we so many other people, the way we speak, the actions and movement we make online and offline provide us with a continuous stream of togetherness and ‘being with’ others that we sometimes perceives ourselves to lack in our lives.


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